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Imagine being able to get the most out of every workout/training session whether it be running, swimming, weight training, cross fit, rehab…whatever increasing your endurance, speed, power, and recovery and consistently working your body harder every workout. Giving you close to a permanent result and highlighting rest as the most important component. This…is XPT.

XPT utilizes a 20-movement system broken down into 4 sequences of 5 movements: The two main components are ReBoot and Add-Ons.

Re-Boot concept always brings you back to the first movement. For example:

Phase 1: Alt. Forward Lunge
Phase 2: Alt. Forward Lunge, Alt. Rear Lunge
Phase 3: Alt. Forward Lunge, Alt. Rear Lunge, Front/Rear Lunge Alt.
Phase 4: Alternating Forward Lunge, Alternating Rear Lunge, Front/Rear Lunge Alt., Split/Hop/Jump
Phase 5: Alt. Forward Lunge, Alt. Rear Lunge, Front/Rear Lunge Alt., Split/Hop/Jump, Mountain Sprints
Then execute movements 6-10

Add-Ons are a series of movements executed at the end of each Re-Boot Phase.
  • Add-On Movements 1-10
  • Add-On Movements 1-20

What if you could pick your group workout with people who have the same goals, desires and problems as you have. You could set the day and time to meet everyone's hectic life style. Get as many friends, co-workers, teammates or family, minimum of 10, and you all would be able to be a part of the progression of the group. Now that's TRU Group Training! Using the most affective way to train, as a group, while using some of your own input. 

B.A.S.E. (Baseline Active Systematic Exercises)
If you are looking for permanent muscle tone and increased ability in all your fitness levels, there is a way; but, it will take time. Consistent commitment and hard work on your part is just the first step. The next step is receiving workouts that change as your fitness levels increase. The third step is nutrition. Nutrition counseling is part of this program. This makes it specific for you. From the general workout person to the pro athlete and everyone in between, the program takes on all your needs. In 25-50 weeks you can expect to be the best you've ever been!

TRU - FIT (offered online)
This program is designed for you to ask questions and get a program tailored for you.  Pure-Fit sends weekly workouts, videos and updates weekly.  These will be designed for you based on your feedback.  Whether losing fat or gaining muscle we will be able to deliver a Pure- Fit program.

When you are starting any program it is nice to have some footing before getting started.  P2/30 is a 30 day program which hits all the things you need from endurance, recovery, balance, strength and power.  P2/45 infuses the cardio component. 


This class was designed with the advanced person and athlete in mind. This program cannot be beat! It uses all the concepts of fitness (Power, Speed, Endurance, Balance/Core, and Flexibility) in a class setting. This class will continually change to challenge you and produce results.  It gives the instructor the power to be creative and innovative.  This class has a certification attached.  Class time: 55 minutes.  

In order to really learn how to box and get the best results it is important to learn the basic; fight stance, jab, cross, hook etc. And also what muscles are being used and how to strengthen them to get maximum effect from each strike. So join us to get your boxing game UP!!
Class time: 55 minutes

Upcoming events at Under Armour Chicago Brand House:

Chicago, Illinois
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