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I wanted to challenge myself and my fitness level. I was stuck in my same workout routine that I had been for years. I needed someone to help me and boy did I get help. The 30 Day Challenge was everything I could have hoped for and asked for. It challenged me everyday with every workout. In all my years of exercising I have not gotten results like I have from Concepts Three and his challenge. Every morning the first thing I did was look to see what I had in store for me and was disappointed when there was a rest day. I love the variety and challenge of every workout. I would recommended this to anyone and everyone.

The workouts that Walter gave us were amazing! I have never felt so strong and healthy. I was afraid my back or joints would get hurt (i'm 50), but it was the opposite. By strengthening my core and increasing my flexibility, nothing ached.

Concepts Three provides an amazing workout. I was completing  moves I never thought I could do and definitely couldn't do when I first started training. I noticed definite toning and tightness over my body in a short span of time. Every single move helped my core so I felt tightness there for sure. It's worth it to give it a try!

I have many years experience working out with trainers, taking exercising classes and training for figure skating events. Out of all my trainers (off ice and on ice), Walter is the best I've ever worked with. Just training with Walter for 30 minutes a week (changing nothing else), I dropped 2 dresses sizes in 6 weeks and my body fat dropped 10%. I realized that working out with Walter that it wasn't the amount of time required per week for exercise but the technique and types of exercises that were more efficient. 

Walter put me through the ringer and got me in the best shape for tennis. I won two singles tournaments at a high level with him in my corner. Forever grateful for this guys' knowledge.

I started working out with Walter and Concepts Three to prepare for my wedding. I lost 4 inches in just 2.5 months! I was so impressed with the results that I couldn't wait to get back to Concepts Three after my wedding. Concepts Three has taught me more about my own body strength than any other work-out I've ever done.

Walter, I appreciate the knowledge you bring to the table when it comes to exercise and nutrition. Your stretches have helped me strengthen my back and I thank you for the care you take in putting the exercises together. I have been able to get off my back pain medication. You might not tell me what I want to hear, but you tell me what I need to hear. I highly recommended Walter as a trainer and friend. 

Training with Walter is like an addiction. His routines and manner get a person "in the zone" and his fitness philosophy strengthens not only the physical self but the mental as well; and both are needed for lasting fitness. Training with Walter taught me health and fitness for life.

Thank you for your knowledge and encouragement. You always focus on doing the exercise correctly and that has helped tremendously.

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